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below you will find a selection of properties and tour operators in Ecuador offering, ethical holidays, ecotourism, eco holidays and green getaways! 


black sheep inn - aims to provide a comfortable, educational experience for guests, teaching them about the local area, local customs and Permaculture, while contributing to and improving the local community and the natural environment. Our goal is to be a leader in environmental stability and ecotourism. Internationally Acclaimed - Award Winning EcoLodge


rio muchacho - located in a valley on the mid coast of Ecuador. The entrance is located 30 kms north of Bahía de Caráquez and 10 km north of Canoa, beach town featuring hotels, restaurants and Internet access.  The area was once dense rain forest and has been largely cleared for cattle farming and cropping. Many attractive areas of forest remain, however, and it is possible to see healthy wildlife including many species of birds, sloth and howler monkeys.


travel to ecuador - Ecuador Ethnogastronomic is one of a kind expedition introducing travelers to the native people of the Ecuadorian Andes. You will visit four indigenous communities, share in their ancient traditions, taste their traditional foods, delve into their knowledge of medicinal plants and meet the shamans. You will also explore the colonial cities of Quito and Cuenca and experience the spectacular natural beauty of the high Andes, all making positive contributions to the conservation of cultural heritage and providing more enjoyable experiences for tourists through more meaningful connections with local people, promoting cultural sensitivity and engendering respect between tourists and hosts.


ikiam expedition - We are an indigenous tribe in the Ecuadorian Amazon that decided to welcome ecotourists in order to protect our territory. We offer a personal adventure that you will never forget: the Ikiam Expedition (Ikiam means forest in our language, Shiwiar Chicham). You will discover the incredible biodiversity of our jungle and share unforgettable time with us in the heart of the Amazon, while helping us to preserve our home. We are struggling to protect our threatened territory from oil companies. Ecotourism through its valuable revenues and foreign support will help us to legalize our territory without compromising our culture or our forest. Help us to preserve our dignity and way of life.


tapir lodge - Tapir Lodge is a complex of a bungalow, built following the Quichua construction guidelines, a marvelous 15m tower and a social area including a restaurant serving delicious food, and a bar. All this was constructed next to the Cuyabeno River. Experience the jungle from our 15m tower and enjoy the rainforest directly from your own room. Wake up in the morning with a monkey troop crossing the nearby Kapok Trees or relax in your hammock while having great views of the beautiful Cuyabeno River.


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