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Wilderness Eco Lodge



A “back to basics, live lightly on the earth” eco philosophy is embued in all we are and all we do. We believe that everybody is enriched by living in an environmentally-friendly way whether at home or away...and this is part of the richness you will find in your eco getaway experience At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco vacation retreat.

At Kw'o:kw'e:hala eco vacation retreat neighbours the breathtaking Coquihalla Canyon Provincial Park and Othello Tunnels of the old Kettle Valley Rail…away from the masses on seven forested acres alongside crystal emerald waters of the Coquihalla River… dare to relax.


Structural wilderness resort facilities are designed with the best interests of the environment in mind.

The outdoor dining room, or belvedere, was constructed from cedar milled at a local homestead mill (from non-old-growth cedar ), by your hosts and our pro carpenter friend, Reg. No permanent foundation leaves a light footprint on the earth.

The view from the belvedere is outstanding. It overlooks the river on one side and the forest on the other three sides. A large table, comfortable chairs, and a great view provide the perfect backdrop to ultimate meal enjoyment.

The Central Lodge House is home to your hosts, is the indoor/outdoor gourmet cuisine preparation centre, and provides for indoor dining during vengeful weather conditions.

State of the art cooking facilities are complemented by the safety of a commercial grade dishwasher for appropriate dish sterilization.

Large outdoor decks offer spectacular places to sit at any time of the day, featuring large overhangs and comfortable seating.

The organic garden is an important feature at our wilderness lodge retreat. Not only does it provide the basis for most of our delicious cuisine, it also provides an important link we miss in today’s world between man and mother earth. We gain sustenance from tending the garden in the most sustainable way. Each minute spent “working” in the garden provides nourishment for the earth, our tummies, our minds, and our souls.

There really is no way to adequately describe the taste of freshly-harvested produce: incredible mouth-watering flavours of a sun-warmed strawberry, a just-picked tomato eaten like an apple, or a carrot still moist with earth.

A small orchard provides a fine selection of seasonal fruits and berries.

Riverside Retreats. There are many ways to enjoy one of several riverside retreats. Whether sitting on the old cement and brick deck, or right at the water’s edge on the natural river rock patio, either provides a serene way to pass time watching the water, the birds, the sky.



Enjoy the wood fired hot tub made of cedar. This tub has been in Henry’s family passed down through three of his brothers, and finally restored by us in 1999. Water is heated by fire in a snorkel stove which sits below the water’s surface with only the feed and the chimney above the water line.

Safety from the stove is via a cedar “fence” which forms the back of the bench seat. An outdoor hot and cold shower is located next to the hot tub for guest use so that the minimum amount of sanitary chemicals are needed to keep the water safe for all. Unlike conventional hot tubs, this eco hot tub has its water changed at least weekly, and is silent without pumps or circulators.

Opportunities for private, clothing-optional hot tub times are made available for those who so-desire.

There is no better spa experience than an authentic Finnish wood fired sauna. There is more to a sauna than getting hot: there is a holistic regimen passed down for generations imbued with Finnish culture for maximum enjoyment, and holistic cleansing.

A Finnish sauna involves successive heating and cooling sessions, with steam formed by throwing water on fire-heated rocks, progressive cleansing techniques using loofa, birch sapling sauna vasta, cloth washes and showers.

Water in the sauna is heated through the stove to a large tank to a shower. The hot water tank keeps water warm for regular shower use the next day as well.

Riverside hammocks provide a wonderful way to de-stress and feel nature all around. Whether reading, resting, or sleeping, time spent in one of our riverside hammocks is soulfully relaxing.

The campfire pit enjoyed most evenings is built with maximum safety and enjoyment in mind. Two layers of brick form the base to keep fire and coals away from the forest floor: this has been of paramount importance over the last 4 summers which have been extremely dry and hot with high alert for forest fires. A good water source remains near at hand at all times.

Natural Amenities

Nestled in the Coquihalla Valley on 7 beautiful acres on the banks of the Coquihalla River, At Kw’o:kw’e:hala eco retreat is blessed with stunning natural amenities.


Lush forest paths, white sandy beach, and cool emerald waters of the swimming hole, are just a few of the natural amenities to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation experience. There are many natural amenities available to both fully-guided and to non-guided guests. 


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Postal address
67400 Tunnels Rd.
Hope, BC, Canada
V0X 1L1 



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