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sextantio- albergo diffuso




if you want to discover the deeper sense of a place, you have to sleep in a house of that place, not in an international hotel.

Herman Hesse (On voyage)


description: A medieval Italian village called Santo Stefano di Sessanio, set in the mountains of the Gran Sasso National Park remains barely changed since it was built in the Middle Ages. In the late 1800’s it was home to more than 3000 people who lived and worked on the land. In 1901, 1400 people called Santo Stefano their home, but fled to escape poverty leaving just 50 people remaining. 

Once a decayed and forgotten village, Santo Stefano di Sessanio has now been restored and resurrected by an eccentric entrepreneur bewitched by its crumbling buildings. Created as a result of the proprietor’s love of the art and culture of this mountainous area, Sextantio – Albergo Diffuso represents the first attempt at completely restoring one of Abruzzo’s ancient villages for residential purposes. With 29 rooms, the minimalist yet simple chic bedrooms are noted for the finer details extended to the furnishings, using local craftwork tradition and complimented by a touch of advanced technology. 

We are experienced in organising meetings, weddings and concerts. We host the 'Officina Musicale' in our hotel and have organised many successful concerts together.

. Set in the heart of the Gran Sasso mountains found by chance on a semi-abandoned hill town of Santo Stefano di Sessanio. 

. The interiors are furnished with the Arte Povera tradition, the folk arts and craft of the Abruzzo mountains. 



Even for those who think they know Italy, Abruzzo is a discovery only 1.5 hours north east of Rome, and despite it’s varied landscape and architectural heritage, Abruzzo remains an undiscovered secret. 

. Unlike many modernisations of ancient structures, we retained the signs of village life – traces left in the bricks and mortar which tell the story of the people. 
. Traditional cuisine has been featured around the local gastronomical traditions offering guests 
abruzzese cuisine using local products and specialities. 


accommodation: Set in a dominating central position overlooking the burgh's square by the Porta Medicea, or Medicean Gate, Palazzo delle Logge is among the most interesting of the residences of Santo Stefano di Sessanio for its historical significance and its architectural features. The Renaissance-style building blends with the medieval military turret. Upon recuperating the original spatial floor plans and subdivisions, six rooms were formed with common rooms for meetings and conviviality; as significantly, later interventions compromising and imperiling the stylistic and formal authenticity of the original design and decor have been removed. The spaces have been organised to permit separate or common rooms grouped around shared environments. 

Besides their historical features and original autochthonous furnishings, the ample rooms, measuring up to 25 m2, come with wood fireplaces and heated floors. As with all the best hotels, they meet the most demanding contemporary standards to provide the maximum comfort and well-being. One can, for example, read the stucco, purposefully preserved as was, for the impressions of time past; over two centuries old, the floors bear the marks of tradition and usage; the reinstated wooden ceilings are late 17th century, their revered age humble signs of refined old elegance. Technology is a present, yet imperceptible protagonist


prices: prices per room per night (2 people) are: €180, €215, € 240, € 300, € 330
price per single room (1 person): € 165

Rates Include: 
¨ Accommodation per room per night sharing.
¨ Includes breakfast
¨ Tea available at the Palazzo Delle Logge.
¨ Complementary WIFI internet access in the reception area, restaurant and the conference room.
¨ IVA 10% government tax included
Rates Exclude: 
1. Lunches or dinners are offered at an extra cost in our Locanda sotto Gli Archi 
2. Laundry services. 
3. All activities selected on arrival or booked in advance. 
4. All other beverages including champagne, wines and mineral water. 



location and access: 
. The closest airport to reach Santo Stefano di Sessanio, is Liberi Airport (PSR) in Pescara, only 100km 
away and from Rome, either Fiumicino or Ciampino Airport only 150 km away , connecting many Italian and European flights into Italy. 
. The closest sandy beach from Santo Stefano di Sessanio is 100 km away on the Adriatic Sea. 
. Only 1.5 hours north east of Rome by car and is well connected by bus to main Italian cities via  L’Aquila. 

activities: Within the National park we can also provide Church tours. 
Walking / Hiking/ Trekking  Sightseeing Tours and skiing
We can arrange at extra cost : City Tours . Local wine tasting .  Picnic in the Mountains .  Horseriding Tours 

Weaving and cookery  workshops on request 

We have a library on the site with books for you to borrow during your stay.

Beach 60 mins from the hotel

Weather at Santo Stefano di Sessanio: 
Spring at Santo Stefano di Sessanio is amazing when the wild flowers are in bloom in the Gran Sasso National Park. The summer months are hot and dry between June to August, temperatures start to cool from September to October. The winter months bring the cold period and possible snow mainly in December and January. 
Altitude: 1250m above sea level 
Population: ca. 100 inhabitants 



Via Principe Umberto SNC

67020 Santo Stefano di Sessanio (AQ)



Tel.   +39 (0) 862 899 112

Fax. +39 (0) 862 899 656





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