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Tours in Bhutan

Bird Watching 
Birding can be a very soothing and joy filled adventure. Hearing the beautiful songs and watching the various activities of these winged creatures can make you forget all your problems while in the field. Unless you live in an area that has all the species of birds, you will eventually have to travel around to find suitable places to find new bird species.


This beautiful Laya and Lingshi trek leads through high mountain passes (16,100 ft) into the wilderness above the tree line – a world of snow peaks, glacial lakes, herds of blue sheep and home of the hospitable Layaps. The route also takes you through the therapeutic hot springs of Gasa and ends in the sub-tropical valley of Punakha.


This botanical expedition will visit some of the prime botanical sites in Bhutan Himalayas, a source of many of the highly prized plants introduced to horticulture. British first brought the botanical richness of this vast mountainous region to the attention of the west. Mr. Frank Ludlow and his friend Major George Sherriff (two prominent British travelers in Himalayan Region) were to be credited for their intensive explorations of the Bhutan as well as the other Himalayan regions.


Cultural Tours 
Revealing the art of the pristine nature in her bountifullness as she spreads her arms across Bhutan, the land where the heavens descend! Discover the land of beauty and wonder with Nature Tourism, Bhutan, and Guided by Bhutan’s leading Naturalist KARMA JAMTSHO.


Arts & Architecture  
The Bhutanese architectural grandeur is exhibited in the form of Dzongs, monasteries, temples, chortens and traditional Bhutanese houses. The Dzong architecture is one of the most elegant and harmonious in the world. The genius of Bhutanese art is best expressed in frescoes and paintings.


contact details:

Contact Person:-Mr. Karma Jamtsho.
P.O.Box No. : 673, Kelwang Building,
2nd floor
Thimphu, Bhutan.
Phone Number +975-2-327355
Fax Number     +975-2-327356
Mobile Number +975-17110558

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