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kosrae village eco-lodge

property description:  Our island accommodations are traditional Micronesian style cottages situated under the shade of mangrove, pandanus and coconut trees at the ocean's edge and connected by paths of naturally hard packed sand. Strategically placed torches provide night lighting along the paths.

Traditionally, the construction of a Kosraean lohm or house begins by burying four huge corner posts six feet or more in the ground. These posts give the house its strength. 

As additional framing is added the entire structure is held together by strong coconut fiber twine woven in intricate knots around the timbers. The floor is raised above the ground to allow the easy flow of cooling tropical breezes. The peak of the steeply pitched thatch roof is 20 feet off the ground, easily shedding rain and encouraging cooling air currents.

The spacious individual cottages at Kosrae Village Resort are built in the traditional style. The floors are raised above the ground, the walls are constructed of locally woven reed siding, and the thatch roof raises to a steep pitch about 20 feet above the ground. Timbers are wrapped and tied throughout the cottage, from the spacious porch to the large bathroom and garden shower. The techniques work just as well now as they did 500 years ago!

Although the look is traditional and construction interesting, modern amenities have been tastefully added for our guests' comfort. These include queen beds (draped in mosquito netting), ceiling fans, hot and cold running water, a large table, chairs, in-room refrigerator and coffee pot. We are happy to exchange the queen beds for three twins, put in a large worktable (photographers - take note!) or make any other adjustments you need.

Something truly unique, each cottage is handicapped accessible. This means bigger rooms and easier access for everybody. Entrances are ramped (starting with the parking area), with resting places where necessary.

Dining at the resort's open air Inum Restaurant has a regional reputation as some of the best in Micronesia. We invite you to view a sample dinner menu. 

One of Kosrae's crowning jewels is her stunning fringing reef. The abundance of marine life and pristine hard corals make this a prime destination for divers throughout the world. Many of our best dive sites have mild currents and are good for novice divers. However, to help keep our pristine corals healthy, you'll need to have good buoyancy skills. This coral reef is unique in that novice divers can enjoy an easy diving experience, while their more experienced dive buddy will marvel at the sea life.

Rainforest hikes, kayaking, surfing, bird watching are among the many activities on Kosrae. Our beautiful tropical island resort is not just for sunbathing, dining and diving. The island of Kosrae abounds with natural beauty and treasures that you will want to explore.

Hike through the dense rainforests that cover the slopes of Kosrae's mountains, explore the sea coast and mangrove swamps in a kayak, visit ancient Micronesian or World War II ruins, take your binoculars and go bird watching or snorkel or surf in Micronesia's blue, blue water. There are so many activities that you will need weeks to experience them all.

location:  Kosrae is located in the Federated States of Micronesia, an island group in the Pacific Ocean that is north of Papua New Guinea. See the Map of Micronesia below.

You may have heard about the diving in Palau, diving in Yap with the Mantas, diving in Truk (Chuuk) with the World War II wrecks. Kosrae is also in Micronesia, just east of Truk and south of Pohnpei. We are not as well known, which means not so many visitors! 

Continental Air Micronesia services Kosrae Monday through Saturday from Hawaii and Guam. Departure tax is $15 US


additional information: Sunday is still observed as a day of rest, therefore few stores are open. The Inum Restaurant at Kosrae Village Ecolodge is open 7am to 9pm on Sunday. There are several religions on the island, Congregationalist being the most predominant. The Sunday church service offers a glimpse of Kosraean life and visitors are very welcome. Kosraeans are famous for their choral singing.




Standard Cottage Single $89.00 per night

Standard Cottage Double $54.50 per person ($109.00 per cottage)

Deluxe Cottage upgrade ONLY $10 additional per night!

VIP Suite (air conditioned bed room) $129.00 per night, single or double

  • All prices PLUS 5% Kosrae State transaction tax and valid until March 2006


contact details

For reservations or information please contact us at:
Kosrae Village Ecolodge and Dive Resort
Sleeping Lady Divers
Box 399
Kosrae, Micronesia 96944



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