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glasshouse mountains ecolodge


property description:  The property is surrounded by 2 hectares of gardens and forest that runs into a rainforest creek. Over 80 interesting exotic tropical fruit trees and a fresh vegetable garden supply the Ecolodge kitchen in season, so fresh food is assured.

Accommodation consists of 8 bedrooms attached to the rear of a 110 year-old wood church. 1 family suite has a queen size bed in one room, leading to its own bathroom with a further loft room (2 single beds) leading off this bathroom. 4 bedrooms (twin/double) have their own shower and toilet and open onto a timber deck overlooking the orchard. 3 bedrooms are 4 share (twin double bunks) with shared shower and toilet 8 metres away.



A self-catering kitchen area is located in a restored railway carriage which has two platforms for outside dining. The carriage is located to the rear of our 110 year old wooden church. The kitchen is fully equipped with stainless steel sinks, a gas hotplates area, a refrigerator, a microwave, pots and pans, a sandwich maker and a rice steamer. Plates, cutlery and drinkware are all available.A small shop attached to the office has a supply of essential provisions.

Guest's are encouraged to wander the grounds and find there own “nook” to relax, read and unwind. Walks to Mt Tibrogargan start 400m from the front gate of the Ecolodge



things to do:

RELAX in a hammock with a cup of tea, while enjoying the cacaphonian sounds of the birdlife. Spot a kookaburra or two.

EXPLORE "off the beaten track" with one of the lodges bicycles. Meander your way through the national park to a roadside fruit stall and try some mouth-watering tropical fruits- or a cup of coffee.

INDULGE yourself with a cup of coffee grown and roasted here on the Sunshine Coast.

VISIT Australia Zoo and maybe see Steve Irwin feed the hungry crocodiles. (Our ecolodge is the closest lodge accommodation to Australia Zoo at 10 minutes by car)

ENJOY the spring wildflower display along the trachyte track (walk commences from lodge entrance).

SPLASH out in the Pacific ocean- surf beaches are ½ an hour by car and a bit longer by rail/bus.

FOCUS - sit quietly in the rainforest area and ask yourself "what makes what sound?".

CLIMB to the peak of Mt Ngungun, Mt Beerwah or Tibrogargon, sit and wonder at what has transpired since these volcanic plugs erupted over 25 million years ago.

GO TREKKING - pack a day pack, some water, and go exploring the Great Australian Bush. There are numerous bush walks nearby, including 3 which start at the front gate of the ecolodge. Watch Out! You may spot a kangaroo, a koala, or a goanna.

LEARN about the rich Aboriginal culture in the area. Visit a traditional Bora Ring and an axe-grinding site nearby.

TASTE the wide variety of tropical fruits grown in the area including pineapples, paw paws, bananas and macadamia nuts.


location:  The Ecolodge is located 71km north of Brisbane in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast. We promote the soft mobility travel options and will collect guests from the train and bus stop (by prior arrangement).

BY TRAIN Trains run several times each morning and afternoon from Brisbane to Glasshouse Mountains station (Nambour line, 3km from the Ecolodge). We will collect guests by prior arrangement only.

BY BUS McCafferty’s Bus Service operates to and from Brisbane with a bus stop at the Caloundra turnoff. We will collect guests by prior arrangement only.

BY CAR The Ecolodge is located in Barrs Rd, 2km off the main “Glasshouse Mountains Tourist Road” which connects to the Bruce Highway. Travelling distance is 71km (one and a half hours) north of Brisbane. If travelling south from Caloundra, the turnoff (Bruce Highway connects with the Glasshouse Mountains Road) is approximately 26 kms. Allow half an hour.

BY PLANE Fly into Brisbane- catch an air train from the airport to Eagle Junction station (10 minutes). Transfer at Eagle Junction station to the Glasshouse Mountains (Nambour line).

other details:
Our Values

  • We try and minimise our environmental impact in all we do.
  • We actively support environmental conservation of local community projects.
  • We are committed to increasing environmental knowledge and cultural understanding.
  • We involve the local community and business enterprises as partners.
  • We strive to ensure our accommodation is available and affordable to less affluent travellers.

Our Practices

  • During the development of our Ecolodge we used recycled buildings (a wooden church and railway carriage) and other natural materials as much as possible.
  • We minimise our environmental impact and use of resources by, for example, composting kitchen waste for our chickens or garden, recycling paper/glass/bottles and using low energy on demand gas hot water for cooking and solar heating for showers.
  • We have restored our 2 hectare property, which was extensively farmed for 60 years, by introducing a greater diversity of tree and plant species. This encourages local wildlife and native birds.
  • We provide guests with information about the local environment and culture, encouraging low impact enjoyment of the area by promoting use of bicycles and walking tracks.
  • We encourage guest's to use "soft mobility travel options" and reward each guest on arrival with a refreshing fruit smoothie drink if they travel by public bus or train.
  • We use homegrown organic fruits and vegetables when in season.
  • We encourage guests to help improve the bio-diversity of the area by planting a tree during their stay.
  • We are involved in local conservation activities such as Glasshouse Mountains Advancement Network (G.M.A.N.) who are actively involved in tree planting and conservation projects nearby.
  • We create economic chains through partners in local businesses, thus ensuring the local community benefits through more job opportunities and purchase of local goods and services.

Aboriginal Legend of the Glasshouse Mountains.

According to Aboriginal legend, Tibrogargan (which is 364m high) the father and Beerwah (at 555m the highest of all the peaks) the mother, had a number of children of whom Coonowrin (377m- the narrow and most dramatic of all the volcanic plugs) was the eldest, Tunbubudla were the twins (293m and 312m), Coochin(235m), Ngungun (235m), Tibberoowuccum (220m), Miketeebumulgrai (199m), and Elimbah (129m).

The legend tells of Tibrogargan noticing that the sea was rising and calling to Coonowrin to help his pregnant mother gather the young children together so that the family could flee from the rising sea. Coonowrin ran away in fear and Tibrogargan, incensed by his son’s cowardice, followed him and hit him so hard with a club that his neck was dislocated. When the seas retreated the family returned to the plains. Coonowrin, teased about his crooked neck and ashamed of his behaviour, went to Tibrogargan and asked for his forgiveness but the father just wept with shame. Coonowrin then approached his brothers and sisters to ask forgiveness but they too could only weep with shame, thus explaining the area’s many small streams.

Tibrogargan then called Coonowrin and asked why he had failed to help Beerwah. He explained that he felt she was big enough to look after herself, though he did not know she was pregnant. Tibrogargan then turned his back on his son and still gazes out to sea today, refusing to look at his son who forever hangs his crooked neck and cries. Beerwah, the mother, is still pregnant, as it takes time to give birth to a mountain.




Orchard Room with ensuite, patio and great views of Mt Tibrogargan.

$95-00 per room per night for up to two people


Beerwah Room with Ensuite, queen bed and one single bed, patio and great views of Mt Tibrogargan.

$95-00 per night for double and $115 for twin or triple share


2 Bedroom Mt Tibro Family Suite - The main bedroom has queensize bed and sofa and the other has a single bed with another single in the loft above.  There is a large bathroom with bath and shower.

The rooms open on to a large verandah with view of Mt Tibrogargan.

$145-00  for up to 4 people


Forest Family Room  with ensuite, queen bed and two single bunk beds ( one above the other ) These rooms open on to a covered courtyard with views of the garden and creek area.

$128 for up to 4 people.


The Bunk Room with one double bed and a single above. The bathroom is located a few metres away. This room opens on to a covered courtyard with views of the garden and creek area.

$40 for one person, $60 for two and $70 for three per night.




contact detailsplease contact owner for further details

Nina Griffith

198 Barrs Road
Glass House Mountains
Queensland Australia 4518

Tel:  +61 7 5493 0008




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