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rainforest edge




description: Rainforest Edge is the perfect hideout to enjoy your holiday in Sri Lankan traditional way with true Sri Lankan hospitality.  You will be a part of our family, not just a guest at Rainforest Edge.  Rainforest Edge is the perfect place to enjoy the hospitality of the village folks (who have a lifestyle of self sufficiency), in a natural setting ideal for nature lovers.  We grow most of the fruits & vegetables served to you in our organic fruit & vegetable gardens inside the resort premises. Fruits & vegetables are grown with perfect harmony with the nature without adding any pesticides or chemical manure. You will enjoy a perfect blend of Sri Lankan traditional ethnic dishes made to your taste fresh out from our gardens.      



“Come & enjoy our gracious style & service in a setting of untamed beauty & serenity”



You will be no stranger once you arrive at Rainforest Edge where everything will be taken care of under the wings of our hospitality everyone as a member of our family. Rainforest Edge is a unique experience that our guests enjoy during their stay with a local community sharing their habits & lifestyles.  Your accommodation is well designed to suit your needs with en suite facilities, because we know better. Balance between ancient, traditional techniques & a modern comfort is the charm of these eco friendly rooms.  The energy source is a unique combination of solar energy, mains electricity lanterns (lamps with Kerosene). We have given you the choice of using the light of the electric bulb or the lantern for reading or else to indulge in solar heated hot water shower.  To keep the harmony with nature, rooms are not equipped with televisions or telephones. You will learn the art of living in the easy going way, gentle, relaxed & care free.




Full Board All Inclusive packages are available 


  • Full Board Accommodation on twin or double sharing basis (Single accommodation with a supplement, if required)
  •  B/fast, lunch & dinner will be Sri Lankan traditional meals prepared from organic food.
  • “Ambalama” (ancient resting place for travellers) is available from 7.00 a.m. 6.00 p.m. to enjoy Sri Lankan snacks, tropical fresh fruits, herbal drinks, tea/coffee.
  • Tropical fresh fruits & fruit juices to your liking.
  • Mountain bikes are available at the hotel at no extra fee.



food & cuisine: Sri Lanka has an ancient & varied cuisine with contrasting tastes, rich nutritional value influenced by its food culture that runs back to dozens of centuries. Food prepared for main restaurant & “Ambalama” (for snacks) has all the transparency. Most of the activities can be seen by the visitors. There will be Sri Lankan cookery lessons & demonstrations conducted by the villagers who are experts in traditional cooking. Menu is not complicated, the vegetable & fruits are grown in the Rainforest Edge organic farm, without any pesticides or chemical manure. We might be the only nature resort in Sri Lanka, where all dishes served are guaranteed of organic nature, because we grow our own supplies. It was the era long before colonialism that every villager cultivated their own supplies. Of course it is hard work.

The main restaurant is the ideal place to try out traditional Sri Lankan cuisine. Why compromise a 5 star hotel dinner, when we offer you a million stars dinner. Enjoy dining in a relaxed setting of our open air restaurant under a thatched roof with a spectacular view over mountains & serviced by our culinary staff who prepares our ethnic dishes combined with true Sri Lankan hospitality. Dining at Rainforest Edge will be a unique experience which you haven’t thought of. It may not be surprising, if we say what how we present this valuable experience before you arrive at Rainforest Edge.


 “Ambalama” (snack house) is open from 07.00 am to 06.00 pm for “Kevili” (Sri Lankan snacks), herbal drinks, tropical fresh fruits & juices, tea/coffee and we are flexible enough for your special dietary requests.




  • Kayaking
  • Mountain biking
  • Jungle trekking & Jogging
  • Camping in a thatched Tree House 
  • Bird watching
  • Nature trails
  • Jeep safari to Sinharaja rain forest & Ethno-botanical walking safaris with a naturalist
  • Jeep Safari to Uda Walawa National Park
  • Guided tours & round tours at your request



our environmental policy:

  • We serve our guest organic food only.
  • Most of fruits & vegetables we serve are grown in our gardens without any inorganic fertilizers added.
  • Usage of plastic, non bio-degradable items is minimized.
  • All soaps, detergents, shampoos are biodegradable.
  • Black & grey waters are treated appropriately
  • Sewage goes through a three-step drainage process.
  • Waste is disposed using most appropriate mechanisms
    • Plastic, glass & metal is packed & flown to the city
    • Papers are reused & recycled
    • Biodegradable garbage is composted.
  • Water heaters are powered by solar energy.


our social policy:

  • most of our staff members are local folks from the village.
  • Maximum  usage of materials that are available locally in constructing the resort
  • Interns are given training opportunities.
  • We are in the practice of enclave tourism where the impact of tourism to & from the society is minimized.

location : 170 Km from Colombo International Airport & 10 minutes drive to Sinharaja tropical rain forest, set in a pollution free, tropical atmosphere is the uniqueness of the location. Rainforest Edge is located on top of a mountain with panoramic view of surrounded green vegetation & Sinharaja rain forest on one side.  We offer you the real scene of unspoiled nature along with adventures through Sinharaja tropical rainforest to your liking. There is also a maze of jungle trails used for Nature Walks and Mountain Biking.

The Resort itself is set against the backdrop of the Sinharaja rainforest which is a haven for birdwatchers and nature lover since there is an abundance of wildlife including 48 bird species of which 12 species are endemic. This forest covers an extent of about 11187 hectares from east to west .The length of the forest is about 21km and width from North to South is about 3.7km.It was declared a Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB) in 1978, as representative of tropical humid evergreen forest Eco system in Sri Lanka and has been recognized by UNESCO as part of it’s International Network of Biosphere reserves. It was declared a National wilderness area in 1988 and lately a world heritage site in 1989.



contact us for further details and pricing:

Rainforest Edge

Balawatukanda, Waddagala



Phone:   0094 - 115-339202

Fax:       0094 - 115-339116



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